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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


today's breakfast!
i absolutely love black sesame things, and this spread was no exception. AMAAAZING. the bread in the back is melon pan <3

these drinks are really great. they pack in a ton of fruits (AND VEGGIES!) and they taste great!

i really like the backs of them though. pineapple upsets my stomach now, so it's nice to check if pineapple is in something. this lovely chart is so useful!

we had a lot of time to do whatever today, so we chose to wander around shinjuku station to see the stores and food areas. check out these lovely desserts! they all look absolutely PERFECT:

and we knew about this place called "choco cro" because my friend sara recommended it to us! we HAD to try it once she described the chocolate-filled croissants being so yummy!

AMAZING. seriously so good. erik is not a huge fan of sweets/chocolate but even he said, "we're DEFINITELY going back to that place again!" afterwards! the chocolate was hot and melty, the croissant was flaky and it was really full of chocolate! not stingy at all. loved these.

walked around some more is a rooftop playground!

those blowers and shooting out cool air and misting water! nice for a hot afternoon like today

onto leaving shinjuku station and more walking around shinjuku:

our lunch today!
we walked through shinjuku to get to our favorite burger place: mos burger
please take note, america...this is a LARGE SOFT DRINK in japan! a LARGE. not 5 times the size of this!!!

i got the ebikatsu burger

it's a shrimp burger!

erik got tonkatsu deliciousness (fried pork)

SUCH a great fast food burger chain in japan. love it!

we started making our way to the tokyo dome area since we were going to see the giants play the tigers tonight! i took a pic of this sculpture because i thought it was really cool

we passed a restaurant, and all outside it had rosemary, sage and oregano lining the restaurant! so cool!

we had a little over an hour to kill before heading to the game, so we went to LaQua. 1/2 amusement park, 1/2 shopping.

shopping around, i saw this, and thought it was funny to see

how adorable?!

really cool clocks for the dali lover


outside there were some cool things too

i wanted to go in here!!! SO COOL! the kids get into a giant bubble and flop around on top of the water!

bumper boats of some sort

too little to do it himself haha

pretty fountain

and fish that eat the little tiny things on your feet to clean them!

crazyness...we also popped into a supermarket to check it out. apparently they call "POM", "ZAK" over here!

what a gorgeous watermelon right? too bad it's...$45!!!!!!!

and this melon is $42.50!

muscats are....$75?!?!?!?!?!? WHOA.

carrots were reasonably priced, but i took their pic because i think japanese carrots are fat and cute

beautifully marbled meat

they had ragu! but OMG for $6.65!

really shocked us! anyway...

NOW ONTO THE BASEBALL GAME! here is tokyo dome!

and outside it is the amusement park with a spoke-less ferris wheel!!!

anyway, the game was seriously amazing. chanting the WHOLE TIME. whichever team was up to bat, was the side that cheered the ENTIRE TIME while up to bat. different chants (some for each player! and they would even wave different flags for players from other countries like the U.S.A., or puerto rico, etc!) and you could just really feel the passion they have for their team! it was such an amazing experience! so amazing, that i HAD to upload a clip from the game that i took so you could see and hear what i'm talking about! this was the last play of the game, and our side (the tigers), WON! the score was 2-1. and by the way, the game we went to was a rivalry as big as the yankees and the red socks. awesome to see! onto the video!

see what i mean?! chanting like that was literally the whole game. pretty cool!
here are some pics!

THIS WAS GREAT! there are a bunch of girls running around selling beer...but they have MINI KEGS on their BACKS!!!! i cannot imagine running up and down stairs for 3 hours carrying a mini keg on my back! haha...loved to see it though! and handy for customers!

they also have cheerleaders! we don't have cheerleaders for baseball in america! (do we?) haha
there were many more than just 3, by the way

and GET THIS....this kid's mom gave him her cell phone for a bit so he could WATCH the baseball game that we were AT on her cell phone! live broadcast!!! the future is amazing haha

LOVED THAT GAME. we were both so excited to be there and experience it. the guy next to erik even gave us both high fives and chatted with us for a bit after the game! it was SO FUN.


  1. I was waiting for the baseball game highlites. Thanks for the video and the other details. Keep having a good time!

  2. My favourite at Mos Burger was always the teriyaki burger. Glad you cheered for the correct team, though. :) I am a Detroit Tigers fan in the U.S., so I adopted the Hanshin Tigers as my team when I was in Japan. I never got to go to a game, though, so it was great to see.

  3. 1- I am LOVING your blogs!
    2- LOVE the video! You should add more video's to your blogs. It's a nice touch! And soo cool to see and hear stuff in Japan!
    3- Did you get the fish therapy thing? I've heard it's supposed to be great, I think I'd be too ticklish. lol
    and lastly-4- GO TIGERS! :)

  4. yay! i'm glad you're loving the blog! :D and i'd love to add in more video, but blogging every night takes about 2 hours uploading a video to youtube adds more time :\ i really like it though too!

    i plan on putting them all together once we get back and uploading our "days" in video format, so you'll be able to see things that way :) but, if something else super cool comes up where i have to show it immediately, i'll add in a clip like this baseball one ;) i was just like, "man...i cannot express what it's like in text! i need to add in a video clip!" lol

    as for the fishies, we didn't do it for the same fear as you hahaha...i figured i would be too ticklish and squirm too much lol!

  5. Ooh, that black sesame paste looks amazing.

    Japanese desserts definitely can’t be beat. What beautiful dessert pictures! OH MAN, I just saw the Choco Cro pictures. The chocolates inside looked like they were warm. OH MAN OH MAN. Why can’t we find these in the US?

    How cool is that giant bubble/on top of water thing?! That fish therapy is somewhat disgusting yet intriguing at the same time. I think I would have done it just to check it out.

    Yeah- isn’t the price of fruit $$$? My aunt and cousin insist, though, they taste amazing and better in Japan than the fruit in the US.

    Sweet pictures of the giants game. I can’t believe those girls are carrying mini kegs on their backs- that was so neat. We went to a few baseball games when we were children, and I remember we each had these (2) large plastic bats that we purchased at the game and were hitting the bats together and chanting.

  6. i am OBSESSED with the black sesame paste!!! :D omg it's SO GOOD. and the choco cro chocolates were definitely warm! haha we got too eager and burnt our tongues a bit! it was SO YUMMY.

  7. That bread looks really good!

    mmm... I'm drooling over all of those desserts.

    Looks like a great game!! That would be awesome to experience.