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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


today we explored ginza a bit :) but first, we had japanese peaches for breakfast! we bought them a few days ago and have been waiting for them to be ready to eat and today was the day! they were SO JUICY. loved them!!! forgot to take a pic. booooo!

anyway, off to ginza we went! ginza is a huge shopping area with really upscale shops (like louis vuitton, burberry, etc)

LOVED the swarovski storefront! really gorgeous.

we really wanted to go to this store called "itoya". itoya is like a 9-story tall stationary/art store. PERFECT for me lol...unfortunately, they did not allow photos inside! but it was SO cool in there! if you like stationary, paper, or anything art related, you MUST GO. 

afterwards we planned on going to hikuhinkan toy park, and i'm really glad we did. it was 4-5 stories tall, and it was actually a pretty awesome toy store! we ended up buying quite a few things from here. i highly recommend this one. 

part of the inside

we have this game at home! in english though lol...thought it was really neat to see it in japanese! it's actually a really, really, good game. it's called "pandemic". 

after shopping for a few hours, we left ginza...

...and headed to harajuku to do some gift shopping for friends and we picked up a crepe right before they closed!

YUM. azuki bean paste, ice cream, strawberries and whipped cream. SOOOO GOOD. 

this vending machine was at shibuya train station! it's DIGITAL! you just use the touch screen and press what you want to drink! loved it. 

shibuya crossing at night! i noticed the Q-FRONT screen on the right was darker than usual for energy saving. also, barely any advertisements were being played. it was mostly just saying "Q-FRONT" in different ways on the screen. not sure if this is because of the economy right now, or what.

time for dinner! erik's favorite place! COCOichi! :D omg, he LOVES this curry. fanatical about it hahaha...and i must say, it's darn good japanese curry!

we both chose the menchi to go with our curry

and erik got a beer, while i got a cafe au lait ;) 

here it is! YUM. i also got vegetables with mine


nice night to take a loooong walk home from shibuya to our hotel in shinjuku. it takes about 40-45 minutes, but we've done it so many times because we love it (and it helps work off that curry and crepe! haha)

love this dinosaur dentistry! hahaha

also saw this adorable police station! haha! had to get a pic of it ;) 


  1. Yum- you tried some momo! My cousin Ayumi and my aunt Echan live in Yamanashi, and they’re known for their fruit. She says the mom are plentiful now.

    Ooh, I got all excited when I saw the Itoya “paperclip” storefront. I wonder why we can’t take pictures inside stores? My sister Naomi told me the same thing too.

    Funny thing: I was reading how you went to hikuhinkan toy park, and I was *just* about to put it into my “next time” list and then I remembered we DID go there.

    Ooh, your crepe.looks.yummy! Wow, a digital vending machine?!?!?!

    LOL, you guys went back to Cocoichi. I saw that you passed that “dinosaur dentistry” sign, which reminds me…. Have you tried Freshness Burger yet?

  2. yeah! the momo were SO good and juicy! and i'm not sure about why we can't take pics inside some stores :\ i thought maybe because of competition? but i mean, people can just walk in and look at prices, so i dont think that's why...not sure! i wanted to get some pics though! it was really cool in there :)

    funny about the toy park! glad you guys went in. we liked it a lot!

    we haven't gotten to check out freshness burger yet, but it's definitely on our list! it looks YUMMY! ;)

  3. Itoya sounds really awesome! I'd have a lot of fun wandering around that store.

    Is Pandemic a good game for two players? I've been really interested in it because it's cooperative. It looks really cool.

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, curry!

  4. yeah pandemic is great for 2 players! that's how erik and i usually play. if we have friends over, then we have more people, but we like just playing us two too :) we highly recommend it! it's so fun!

  5. Ok, thanks! Hubby said he wants to buy it now. :D