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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


today was our day-trip to fukuoka to meet with our friend micaela! here is where fukuoka is:
far from kyoto, right? 

and by the way, she has an awesome youtube channel you should check out too if you like videos about japan!

it takes 3-4 hours to get from kyoto to fukuoka, so we woke up at 6:30am to get our day started :) while waiting for our shinkansen to arrive at kyoto station, we stopped at the WONDERFUL manneken waffle.

these waffles are amazing!!! we got them last trip at shin-osaka station. 

we got "plain" flavor (even though they have many other flavors like chocolate, almond, etc) because it was recommended to us by my friend sara. SO glad she told us about this because i would have never chosen "plain" on my own! IT WAS SO GOOD! i don't know what they do to it, but we loved it! 

we also got this strawberry milk to go with it

by the way, since a ton of stores in japan sell the same items, when you buy something like a drink, they put a little piece of tape on it, like this:

it shows you already bought this somewhere else. very nice when going into a bunch of stores!!!

anyway, after our first shinkansen ride, we had an hour layover at okayama, so we took a coffee break. or rather, a matcha latte break! YUM! i should have taken a pic of it as soon as i got it, but i forgot! SO YUMMY THOUGH!

we walked around just killing time, and saw adorable cakes

and a really cool aquarium! pretty fish

we bought our ekiben, and hopped onto our next shinkansen to hakata (the station in fukuoka)

we met up with micaela and her boyfriend ryuhei, and they gave us these amazing chopsticks!!!

so pretty and fancy! we love them so much!!! they have fabric on them! :)

ryu drove us to this place called "round 1" which is FILLED with arcade games, sports, karaoke, and a bunch of other things! you pay a base price, and you have 3 hours of free play on anything!

we LOVE all the awesome games they have in japan that we dont have back home!!! you throw balls at the screen for this one

one of the floors was FILLED with shelves and shelves of manga to read and couches like these! it was a relaxation floor hahaha...they also had massage chairs!!!! it was so cool!

on the roof they had batting cages, basketball, soccer, etc

we played soccer for a bit before we all got sweaty within 10 minutes from the heat/humidity haha

back to the relaxation floor for some darts!

this arcade game is literally "FLIP THE TABLE" hahaha!

and of course we did purikura!!!

while micaela and i were editing our photos, we noticed the boys had gone off on their own. we thought they were just waiting outside of the booth for us, but then we saw them editing in their own booth. 

we took a peek in and saw this...


hilarious! here is a closeup of the ones we all took together (click for big version)

purikura is so much fun! afterwards we played more games. this one was pretty cool too! you put blocks on top of each other and the little characters climb the blocks and get fruit!

and here is a ginormous tetris machine!

um, best name for a video game ever...."ELEVATOR ACTION DEATH PARADE" hahahahahaa

the boys playing more games

we were getting hungry, so off we went! during our walk, this store had an ice block out to touch because it was hot out!

soon we arrived at dinner! "sweets paradise"! A BUFFET OF CAKES!!!!!!!

okay, okay, so, they have a bit of normal food too, but everyone only gets a little bit of normal food so you can have a ton of room left for CAKE :)

look at all this!

round 1:

round 2:

everything was SO GOOD!!! i want a sweets paradise in the states!!!! ryu absolutely loves this place:

we had such an amazing time in fukuoka with you guys!!! thanks for showing us so many cool things! it was so fun, and we will never forget it!

taking the first train ride home from fukuoka...

i wish we could have gotten this one!!! cute!



  1. Thanks for coming down guys! Ryu and I had a lot of fun meeting you too. :) Enjoy the rest of your stay in Japan.

  2. Oh, great pics. You seem to know the ropes to enjoy our modern culture!

  3. Those are great pictures. It looks like Rund 1 was a lot of fun! And that buffet of cakes- omg. Japanese cakes are so delicious!

    So funny about the guys doing their own purikura! Darin and I were LOLing when we saw their pictures. Was Fukuoka only a day trip?

  4. thanks about the pictures! :D and yep, just a day trip. there was like 6 hours of train time total hahaha...but so worth it! plus we think bullet trains are fun, and since it was all included in the JR pass, you can say we're super getting our money's worth hah

  5. Awesome! I am so envious of the Sweets Paradise buffet you went to... Japanese food and cakes? Drooling...

  6. Oooh, chocolate waffles. That sounds really yummy!!

    A flat fee for an arcade sounds like an awesome idea. I've never heard of that before.

    Great purikura!! Looks like it was a lot of fun. Funny boys... lol

    A buffet of cakes! Sounds like my kind of place! I have a bit of a sweet tooth. ;) I'm drooling just looking at the photos of the desserts you got.