Friday, August 19, 2011


sigh.....last day in japan. one last early view out our kyoto hotel window

we woke up at 6:30am so we could leave our hotel by 7:30am, and catch our 8:30am shinkansen back to tokyo. we wanted to give ourselves plenty of time so we could get manneken waffles one last time!

YUM. this time i got almond (on the left) and a custard filled one, and erik got strawberry and citrus filled ones. great for the ride back to tokyo!

oh, we also chose this tea to drink for our "beauty feeling" hahaha

beautiful scenery flying by as we go back to tokyo...

we got to our tokyo hotel at around 11:30am, so we headed to yoshinoya for lunch!

LOVE this place. we have frozen versions of the meat/onion mix back home (yoshinoya brand sold at our asian market) and it tastes JUST like this! 

afterwards we did some more last minute shopping, and saw this cool bug at harajuku station! so colorful!

and erik got this interesting pepsi flavored pop. pepsi is another company in japan that changes it's flavors multiple times a year. really fun to try them! this one sort of tasted like cream soda

for dinner, we chose menya musashi! it's a ramen place!

man was it good!!! and let me tell you, CHOOSE THE "REGULAR" SIZE. not the "large"! regular is HUGE, and we ate SO much, my stomach literally sloshed with liquid as we walked back to the hotel afterwards hahahaha....but it was DELICIOUS.

the pork was SO TENDER. it fell apart in your mouth!

the egg was great too!

we had such a great last day in tokyo. can't believe the 3 weeks in japan flew by so quickly! we had so much fun each day though :) great memories!

the next morning we woke up at 5:30am to finish last minute packing, and got to shinjuku by 6:45 to catch our NEX train back to the narita airport. we of course had another wonderful flight with ANA! here are the meals! so great!

yum! we were ready to get home though to see our kitties! missed them very much!
 also, here is all our luggage that we took home. STUFFED with souvenirs...

see? this is our family room with our bags unpacked haha...these aren't only for us though! some are for other people too ;) but i was impressed with my packing abilities to fit all this into our luggage along with other random things like bathroom stuff and clothes! everything is in great condition too! nothing broke! yay!!! not even our new plates/bowls, or the wine :) happy! 

well guys...that was our trip! it was amazing!!! :D i hope you enjoyed reading, and "coming along" with us on our trip!


  1. Jacqui we are definitely going to miss you. Thank you for letting us share your wonderful trip.
    Sue & Sasha xx

  2. you are very welcome! you guys will have a wonderful trip too! :) excited for you to experience everything!!! if you ever need to get in touch with me, my e-mail is :)

  3. It looked like a wonderful trip and we enjoyed your blog so we could see everything with you. But we are really glad to have you home again!

    mom and dad keskinen

  4. Mmm, more Manneken!

    I had no idea you could get Yoshinoya back here- I will definitely need to check that out.

    You went to Menya Musashi! Omigosh, I miss it. That is so funny about “sloshing” around. All we wanted to do after eating ramen there was to find the nearest park bench and fall asleep. We had to walk to meet my sister, so I distinctly remembering the “sloshing” feeling.

    Wow, that meal on ANA looks delicious (again).OMG, it is a good thing you packed extra luggage! I am LOL.

  5. Oooh, ramen. That looks really good!

    Wow!! You guys managed to get a ton of stuff home. So glad you arrived back home safely!

  6. Wow, I'm so happy you guys had an amazing time in Japan! Thank you for the interesting blog posts and pictures. I really enjoyed reading.

    Also, another thank you for the pictures in Harajuku and all of the pictures of cute things you took! ^_^

    - Kaona

  7. you're very welcome kaona! sorry i couldn't find anyone dressed up in harajuku! i looked every time, but no one was just standing around dressed up :\ the very few times i saw girls, they just whizzed by in the crowds and i didn't get a chance to snap a pic. but i'm glad you liked the pics i did get and the cute stuff! japan is loaded with cute stuff! haha :)