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Sunday, August 7, 2011


we went to this giant daiso (dollar store) today in machida and a grocery store that was in the basement of it and here is the train we rode for 30 minutes today to get there!

really cute, right???
i took a few pics inside the giant 5 floor daiso (but later saw signs that you weren't allowed to...whoopsies)

it was huge! 
 and in the grocery store in the basement they had these! yellow watermelons! upon closer inspection, they are called "cream watermelon". i wanted to know what it tasted like!!! but not for $6.35 per 1/8 of a watermelon!!!!! yikes!

after we shopped for like 3 hours, we were hungry so we went into a denny's! yeah! like the american denny's!'s WAY DIFFERENT! no "moon over my hammy" sandwiches here!

look at this menu!

some of the desserts! 

and the drinks! they had a kiwi drink! 

i got the creamy milk bubble tea

and here's my entree! it was SO yummy! it was a strong basil pesto sauce on angel hair pasta with prosciutto and asparagus!

 here is erik's he got japanese hamburger! it was also very good!

we got a late start to the day since we were out pretty late last night and wanted to sleep in a little and take it easy, so this is really all we did today haha...sort of boring, but it's nice to have relax days sometimes! 


  1. I just happened to click on your blog again, and I squealed with delight when I saw you had another post!!!!

    That train was so cute! Was it a regular Tokyo Metro train line?

    We loved the Daiso in Machida- we purchased so.much.stuff there. And you went to Denny’s!!! Isn’t it so much better than US’? I don’t think I’ve been to a Denny’s since college, but I can definitely see myself eating there more often if I were in Japan.

  2. haha the train we took was the odakyu odawara line express. i'm not sure if they are all like this? or if we just got lucky? but at every station people were taking photos and video as we went by!

    and yeah, we spent *looks at receipt* ¥4045 at the daiso! lol! every one else behind us in line had like 2-5 things, and then there we were...with like 40 things. i bet it was similar situation for you too! >_<;
    WORTH IT! :D

    i agree about denny's! it's like a nice restaurant! nothing was smothered in melted cheddar cheese or ranch sauce! haha ;)

  3. Recently I don't use the Odakyu Line very often, but I'm pretty sure you got lucky with that train, as I don't think they would paint the whole fleet of their trains that way. That's an amazing paint job for a train!

  4. oh awesome! thanks, lyle! yeah we thought it looked really nice!