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Thursday, July 28, 2011


really short one, but i wanted to blog about the megabus!

our ANA flight is a direct flight from chicago to narita (tokyo), and we needed to get to chicago somehow. so, we decided to try the megabus! and i gotta say, it's pretty cool!

we got picked up on west prospect in cleveland at 5:30pm, and off we went!

first it goes to toledo (and picks up more people/drops people off), then we had a brief 25 min rest stop somewhere along the way, and 6.5 hours later, we were in chicago!

the seats are nice, and we were on a double-decker bus! we sat on the lower level though. everyone pretty much just kept to themselves, and it was a nice ride. we watched 2 movies on my laptop to keep us busy.

oh, and the best part? for the BOTH of us to go from cleveland to chicago, it was only a total of $10.50!!!!!!!!!! and the bus has free wifi! although, it goes in and out quite a bit haha (more out than in), but i seriously cannot complain. the tickets were SO. CHEAP. just amazing.

we arrived in chicago and immediately took a taxi to our hotel for the night. we just got a cheapie hotel ($35/night) since we knew we would be arriving late, and leaving early thursday morning to get to the airport at around 8am.

just a quick one to tell people about the megabus if they didn't know already! i promise things will get much more interesting once we get to japan, and there will be way more photos haha...this is just the boring part :\

tomorrow is our flight! YAY!!!

1 comment:

  1. The Megabus idea is genius! I don't know how they make money if it costs $10.50 for 2 people. The bus looked neat though.
    I bet you're still flying- hope you're enjoying the flight on ANA!